Anxiety & Stress

Hypnotherapy For Anxiety

Hypnosis is not just a deeply relaxing state for you to enjoy  but can also gives you and the therapist access to the deeper parts of the mind which hold those triggers to the anxiety response Рallowing to you greatly reduce and resolve them at their root.

Your unconscious mind can not only be taught through hypnosis to respond to potentially threatening experiences in a much more useful (calm, confident) way, but also to change perspective and respond better to areas of life that have caused you stress even though they are no longer any real threat.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is the feeling of fear, worry, uneasiness apprehension and dread which occur when we think something bad is going to happen. It is also related with feelings of restlessness, fatigue, concentration problems and muscle tension.

Modern life is almost synonymous with increased levels of anxiety and stress and we are only just beginning to understand the impact this has on our physical health and mental wellbeing.

anxiety can also lead to:-

Take back control

The unconscious mind controls the stress response ( we don’t consciously choose to feel this way) but constant bombardment of information and busy lifestyles contribute to many people feeling they are constantly in ‘survival mode’. Hypnotherapy can give you the power to regain control and show your unconscious mind how to reset your natural fight or flight response to a more healththy level.

Anxiety makes other issues worse

Whatever problems you have Рanxiety often makes them worse. I work with clients with many different issues but often they are also anxious, either as a result or a cause of their presenting problem. Many other issues can clear up or vastly improve by just by restoring Calm, Confidence and Control .

hypnotherapy for relaxation (beat anxiety)

A Hypnotherapy session is designed to help you:-

  • Relax mentally and physically (often deeper than ever before)
  • Reset your default level of calm and relaxation to a deeper level than before.
  • Learn to access feelings of CALM wherever you may be.
  • Reprogramme your unconscious mind to react in a more helpful way (calmer and confidently) in difficult situations.
  • Take back control!

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